Jaco de la Rouviere

Jaco started his career effectively at the CSIR. As a young engineer he concerned himself with several high end technologies in Ceramics, Acoustic Microscopy, Tomography, Computer Aided Design, and many more. He then soon got involved in the combined use of these technologies for the aerospace industries worldwide.

He worked with many International Companies in the US, Russia, China Singapore, Switzerland, France, Germany, and many others. The work was predominately in complex engineering for specific development mostly related single crystal turbine blade developments which inevitably is used in the more complex gas turbines in fighter airplanes. The work expanded to very advance concurrent engineering of which the equal has still not been reached by the international fraternity. The problem with the execution was the instability of his math's and required his presence to execute. They could never get it to work without him doing it.

He then designed many road tankers for a German company based in South Africa whom was part of a consortium and had a worldwide impact on the cost of road transport and the durability of the pneumatic tankers used today.

He used finite element analysis to construct evenly stressed tankers to ensure durability in Aluminum.

He funded the creation of the South Africa Business Exchange with royalties on the designs and sold the business for ZAR186 Million in 1989 and in the sale took the majority shares in Billcad Limited. He became the MD in November 1989 and he changed the companies focus to a predominately IT company.

The companies focus was on information systems delivered as thin clients in the Internet. The backend systems distributed in this porthole was accounting systems, concurrent engineering, Banking. They also integrated into the international settlement systems of the banks and airlines and developed the largest processing cluster in the Southern Hemisphere.

He then started working alone effectively doing consulting work for many companies and organizations and governments.

He is contracted to many International Companies in many specialties. He tends not to enter into the complex engineering but rather fundamental networking. Individuals move around a lot but he has worked with many people internationally. He also works with many of the officials employed by governments to maintain business relations in Africa.

He has access to most African Governments on some form of level. Currently excluding Europe he works with Prosperity Health, BHP Billiton, Bateman, many other agencies, and Governments.

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